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Fleet & Truck Aluminum Polishing

At Qualified Mobile with decades of experience we recognize the needs of the trucking industry for Truck polishing services. Polishing aluminum for the high polish look you want along with aluminum wheel polishing, or for polishing aluminum rims is part of the menu of services that give you the Customer a good reflection to your traveling “billboards“ being your fleet.

We can provide a different level of buffing services from raw form to finishing services including Premium Polishing of Aluminum for all your aluminum polishing needs using solid methods of successful applications. Aluminum wheels can give the Truck or Car a high polish look from afar that stand out and people notice.

For more basic requirements brushed aluminum has a different look that for many like to upgrade to a more polished look in time. Cleaning aluminum is another aspect we do depending on the issues or needs (i.e., acidic burns or dull and dirty), with one being aluminum brightening for rails, which can also have a polished finish if desired particularly for show trucks and trailers. Diamond plate metal polishing is available too.

For many applications we use a sander polisher, various polishing tools for metal, buffing as part of our metal finishing services. If you want fuel tanks, rims, polishing aluminum wheels, Stainless Steel, polish to chrome along with alloy wheel polishing we are prepared to meet your needs and work with you to provide the most economical service we can being sensitive you economic and budgetary constraints.

Our tried and true systems are honed to be as affordable as possible, which is why we are number one in value and quality. Call us to discuss what we can do to make your fleet of trucks or cars a reflection of who you are.